Issue 01

Pyongyang, DPRK

A visit to North Korea on assignment.

These images are mainly taken in transit between assigned shoot locations, or at meal breaks or on a walk down the street. I was particularly taken by the symmetry of the architecture. There is a theory about the use of symmetry to show power and strength, which is used very purposely in Pyongyang

It’s been hard to describe in a few sentences the experience of being in Pyongyang. Usually I let my images do the talking.

As I was very restricted to what I could and not could take photos of, my images seem a little sterile, controlled to me and I don’t feel I was able to capture the essence and feeling you get from being there like I feel I do with other cities I have been to.
I’ve tried not to be too hard on myself, as I was there for a specific purpose which be revealed later on, but it was very hard getting used to being told what I could and could not photograph.

It is an oddly photogenic city and my eye was drawn to so much I could not share.

I did quickly get used to it, and the results show a grand city full of magnificent buildings and art.
I tried to show something a little different then all the other photos of the same structures you see, a glimpse into what daily life might be like for some in Pyongyang, to add scale into the grandness of the city with a sole jogger or cyclist.
I really look forward to going back one day, the people are warm and humourous and I’ll never forget them, I really hope it works out.